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My Approach 

My approach to therapy is compassionate, collaborative and goal-oriented. I aim to understand and treat each individual as a whole person, while utilizing the best approaches clinical science has to offer. I develop a personalized therapy plan, akin to a road map, for each individual to achieve his or her goals. I tailor the empirically supported techniques from CBT and mindfulness-based approaches to the individual's needs. To ensure we're on the right course, I track each individual's progress with validated measures that are specific to his or her concerns. We review these together periodically to discuss our work and make modifications as needed to achieve greater gains. We also examine how anxiety or other distress has created barriers in the individual’s life. We work on surmounting those obstacles by enhancing awareness and developing alternative approaches to thinking and reacting. Ultimately our work together allows the individual to attain greater freedom and fully engage in value-based living.

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